Tiger Woods & His Apology

Like the rest of the world, I listened today to the very public apologies from Tiger Woods.  And I listened to the media’s analysis of what they think Tiger was saying and whether or not he was sincere or sly.  Sometimes I just don’t get it I suppose.  I mean, the news reporters seem to believe that I’m not quite adept at figuring things out for myself.  They have some special powers where they indeed must know better than I what else is stirring.  Or is it just fodder for sensationalism … as in what’s he really up to?  What else can the news people dramatize, embellish or otherwise overdo in their so-called reporting of the news?   

Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t know the answers to Tiger’s objectives.  Was he real?   Sincere?  And making an effort?  Tiger could prove that he was merely being slick and controlled for selfish purposes.  Or is he sincere, strong enough to enter therapy, work to save his marriage, ask forgiveness, and love his family as much as they love him?  What are we supposed to do when an otherwise devoted person deeply hurts us?  

We don’t know – news reporters, analysts, and TV viewers alike all have to make a judgment call.  And yet, it isn’t our right to make that judgment call.  Boy, what would the world be like if we were perfect?  Ahh, we could preach to the rest of the world, the flawed.  Forgive me, I do not make light of what Tiger has done.  Condoning his actions would be unbelievable foolhardiness.  It would be fair to say we need to hold Tiger responsible.  The acts he chose to embark upon were despicable.  But what if he is now sincere, trying to be responsible, to make good on those vows he made to his wife, and challenge himself to be a better husband, father, son, friend and sportsman.  Would we want someone to give us a fair chance to prove ourselves before condemning us to a lifetime of castigation?  

Why do reporters feel they need to tell me what to think?  What ever happened to reporting the news justly, fairly and accurately?  Isn’t that the bona fide task of the news media?  Has anyone in the news media apologized ever for their lack of responsibility in that arena?  Guess I’d better get off my soap box on that one or I’ll never give reporters a second chance.  

My humble opinion?  The real victims here are Tiger’s family.  I believe how and what he and his wife do to repair the damage caused is personal and should be between them.  That’s what marriage and family is all about.  Trusting, loving, holding accountable and forgiveness.  If we never forgave one another for certain things, no one in the entire world could remain together.  Who among us is beyond reproach, without transgressions of any kind? 

Tiger has much work to do to repair and save the relationship with his wife and family.  The way the rest of us will know his progress and how he manages the daunting task before him will be from his actions, behavior and through his family.  Enough said? 

What are your thoughts, objections, affirmations and opinions? 


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