Speak Up Consumers

A consolidation phase is taking precedence in my life; no duplicate payments now that I’m married.  My husband has a Roadrunner account through Brighthouse, with wireless broadband router so I no longer needed my own RR account.  I purchased a wireless adapter and cancelled my RR account Friday, February 5th.  The rep said my automatic payments would stop as I cancelled the account a week prior to the payment date of February 11th.

It seemed such a simple thing.  Silly me.  The problem you ask?  Brighthouse still took a payment from my account.  They treated me on the phone with disrespect.  The first person did not know how to credit payment back to me and would have to contact a supervisor.  Another rep phoned left a voice message which claimed there was nothing they could do; I did owe the payment.

Now I’m  furious and fiercely ready to do battle – it’s the principle of the matter.  I call back and reach Mr. G (initial used to protect the guilty!) who said the message was correct and that he overheard the voice message being left for me as he sits directly next to the gentleman who left the message.  I hadn’t even stated my case – his rude, obnoxious behavior was deplorable.  Also I now suspected the message was NOT left by a supervisor at all but by cohorts in this twisted plot to garner jollies at my expense.

Mr. G rudely asserted no one told me that my automatic payment would cease and there was certainly nothing he could do about it.  I had no intention of allowing an arrogant, insolent tyrant threaten to keep me from justice.

Mr. G got an earful, including how I had friends in the news media, and as lawyers, and I named names.  And since he noted early in the conversation that, “…this call may be recorded for teaching purposes” I felt I needed to reassure him that his supervisors would ultimately ‘learn’ from me the truth of the matter as I too had taped the final entire conversation!  I did not owe them a payment when I cancelled this service a week prior to the payment date. Ultimately the wheels of justice (and threats) rolled around in my favor which was the honest thing to do.

I was assured payment in the form of a check would be in the mail to me.  However, it could take 6-8 weeks.  So my money, which I never owed them, will be in their possession for two months. Now can anyone imagine how this company would have treated me if the shoe were on the other proverbial foot?  If I had not paid them for two months?  Come on folks – this is one for the record books!  Certainly not critical, but it’s the little things over time that accumulate which make eventual mountains.  I’m mulling over whether to post this in letters to the Editor in our local newspaper.  Think it would do any good?

Who else out there has similar claims of injustice, disrespect or inadequacies from various companies? Speak up here friends – I want to hear you!


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