Who Ate The Acorn

I wanted to share a story with you that I read today about a toy poodle named Howie.  I hope that it helps protect your dog. Things happen so quickly – knowing this could save your dog’s life some day.
This amazing story was received on Howie from Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI).Howie the toy poodle is a regular at his veterinarian’s office. The energetic pup hasn’t reached his first birthday yet, but his owner Heather Skinner of Monroe, N.Y., estimates that she’s taken Howie to see the veterinarian at least 15 times for various scrapes and illnesses. “He’s a real devil,” Heather said.

Howie’s latest trip to the doctor was because of an acorn! Thousands of acorns had fallen from the large oak tree in Heather’s backyard. Her husband Bill was outside playing with Howie when the dog scooped up an acorn, tilted his head back, and let the acorn slide down his throat – obstructing his airway. “My husband is a police officer and knows the Heimlich maneuver. He tried it on Howie, but it didn’t work.”

The Skinners called their veterinarian to tell him about the situation and that they were on their way.  Because Howie had turned blue and passed out, the veterinarian put Howie on oxygen and induced vomiting in an effort to dislodge the acorn.  Instead, Howie swallowed the acorn and it passed four days later.

True to form, Howie was undaunted by the experience. “When we brought him home,” Heather said, “we figured he’d be exhausted and go to sleep immediately. Nope. First thing he did was go out back and try to grab an acorn.”

Heather’s claim for Howie’s acorn incident was one of more than 80,000 claims received in October by VPI, the nation’s oldest and largest provider of pet health insurance.

You just never know what a dog will get into, so you really do have to keep an eye on them. Even though it is winter there are still acorns on the ground.  Many dogs uncover them when digging or when the snow thaws.  Please keep an eye on your dog.

I will more closely monitor my girls, white boxers, more closely even though this is Florida.  Whenever I don’t see or hear them and suspect their antics might get them in trouble.  It could be as innocent as their rawhide bone getting lodged in their throat.  They always are playfully mischievous! 


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