I created this blog when I pre-retired and married the man of my dreams.  So happy was I at that time.  My lifelong goal was to write and there I was starting out finally.  Then something happened which changed my world forever.  A tragedy called suicide took my beloved husband from me. 

I’ve been healing now for about 10 months.  And I’ve very recently rescued/ adopted two white boxer dogs.  I love them and they are helping my heart heal further. 

I may from time-to-time also share with you my feelings from healing.  My hope is to reach everyone who may need encouragement, motivation, humor, valuable information and suggestions that may impact your life in helpful, perhaps enlightening and entertaining ways. 

Do let me know your thoughts.  This blog, although my dream, is for you.  And I want to ensure it’s worthy for you to read and enjoy.  Please comment – as often as you’d like.

Also find my second blog: Speak Out! under BlogRoll on this site.  It explains much more about my feelings, the tragedies and joys I’ve received and so much more of Learning to Dance in the Rain.  It contains valuable information for you, or someone you know.  Whether you’re curious or have a need to know, please just read through it and see for yourself.  I believe you’ll find good information you may wish to include in your own life. You may even wish to forward the information on to friends, family, neighbors, co-workers – anyone who may need help with their grieving or other matters of the heart.


4 comments on “About

  1. Thanks Poetry Angel. Inspiration is a good thing. Remember no matter how far away from us a loved one lives, there is always a special bond between you. Sometimes the best thing we can do is “open up” about our life experiences. You never know who you will touch or help by it.

    Best to you in creating yourself!

  2. OMG! I just loved your blog tagline, it totally inspired me.
    It was brave of you to show your story, I had my true friend move away to Calgary and she was like a sister to me.

    Take Care

  3. When I saw your blog’s tagline, “Life isn’t about finding yourself; life is about creating yourself.” I perked up with joy. That’s been my mantra for the past year or so. Two weeks ago I left my job, home, and friends to live in Europe and do just that; create myself 🙂

    You’re so brave for sharing your story. Look forward to reading more.

  4. I can totally relate to you in when you say ” I’ve been a puppet, a pirate, and a king!”. I too have many dreams outside my pharma sales job. I feel blessed to have a very good life, but it just seems like myself along with many others are in a huge life transition and pursuing my dream to just do something, anything, to incorporate my dreams creative self is where I’m headed. SUCCESS to you in pursuing your dreams!

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